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As a leading Android app development company in India, we are known as the best executive of Android apps and our fame is not just in India but around the globe.

Never believe it till the time you yourself have tested our developers. How prepared are you to make your dream app come true? Are you serious enough to get started? If yes then contact us, talk to us, we are here to help you.

Android app development company in India for your Android App

Giving the best output requires great knowledge of technology along with reprisal technologies and devices. We know how it works and we have the golden formula to deliver a perfect working Android app that fits your requirements and budget and yes all of this in a given timeframe.

Our developers make sure that your application is compatible with all modern devices and future upcoming devices, thereby making your app future-proof.

Mobile Devices

The mobile application will support all the mobile devices available in the market with proper rending of all the assets.

Tablet Devices

We make sure that your mobile application is tablet device friendly so that even your blue-collar employees can use your application without any hassles.

Watch and wearable Devices

All our apps built by the team of Android developers in India work pretty well with watch and wearable devices.

Android Mobile Televsion

We keep media in mind while developing your application to make sure it fits well even in the television medium. We test all the apps keeping in mind the quality and rendering speed of the devices.

Android App Developers in India

Android App Development process brewed by Android Apps Development India

Delivering success is no joke, it takes time, patience, and money to learn. We have made a huge investment and have learned and brewed a process over time that really works and gives results.

We give you all our knowledge process for free and help you see growing and get what you want and that too according to your expectations. You pay only when we meet your expectations and are happy with our work.

Such confidence does not come in one day. We have built this confidence by delivering real value to our clients who are most happy and refer us.

We have an open and fair process that involves you too in the project:

Friendly consultation:

We simply discussed the requirements and noted down all the points using pen and paper.

Team base App design

Based on the initial discussion we created a wireframes design of the app and get your approval.

Full control over App development

We create a group of all stakeholders including the developer and QA where the developer shares his weekly work and interact with you.

Get involved in Testing and quality assurance

QA along with you tests the Android mobile application to make sure it's bug-free and has certain quality standards.

Happy Launching, maintenance, and long-term support

You create a Google Play console account and give us access, we upload all the assets to the Google Play Store making sure you own all the rights to the application and everything is in your control.

Get Best Android App Developers
In India

We excel in Android App Development in India Technologies

When it comes to technologies our Android mobile app developers in India leave no stone unturned. This helps us to deliver the best Android mobile app to our esteemed customers and that too based on their requirements.

Kotlin Android App Developers India

Kotlin Android App Developers

Kotlin Android app development is at our core and our team of developers excels in Kotlin technology. As they have Java-based experience, they are easily able to develop the best Android app using Kotlin technology.

React Native Android App Developers India

React Native Android App Developers

Leading apps are developed using react native and our bunch of react native developers have mastered the art of using React native. Be it Expo-based or call our team of tech nurds who are best at the building to react native Android application development.

Flutter Android App Developers in India

Flutter Android App Developers

Flutter framework was developeed by google on golang programmming. The language that we play with every day makes us the best. Hire Flutter developers and see it yourself.

React Android App development

React Android App development

We build an Android mobile application that works even on a web browser and we do this in reac js. Our team of React developers can make your app work everywhere even on the website.

ngular JS Android App development

Angular JS Android App development

We build SPA-based Android applications using Angalurjs. We have been working on Angalluar for and long time and use the latest LTA-based version of Angaular in all of our development.

Ionic framework Android App development

Ionic framework Android App development

Let our ionic app developers build your app in less time and at an affordable cost. We know ionic in and out and have mastered it. We can build any type of application in iconic framework ranging from simple to most complex android applications.

Choose the best android app development companies in India

  • We have the best team of Android app developers in India
  • Working with our android app developer india is very simple and easy
  • You get a highly secure working environment and a great quality mobile app.
  • You also get one friend in the form of a developer whom you can talk to for any technical information and get suggestions.

We make sure that you get the best working experience during the complete cycle of your.

Why choose Android Developers App India for your Android app development
Android App Developers in India

Hire Android app developer India - Hiring made easy

We have made hiring an Android developer like counting one two and three on your fingers. We make things simple to make sure it's easy for you.

Hiring in just three steps:


Simply contact us on WhatsApp, email, telegram, or even a call. We discussed your requirements in detail and connected you with the developer.


You can ask technical questions, or chat with the Android developer about your requirement.

Start Free Trial

You start working with the Android developer and become a team and a long-term partnership starts with the team.

Our Expertise is in developing all types of android application development India

As a top Android app development company in India, We love working on developing mobile applications for you and working on all types of apps.

Location based Android App Development in India

Simple Android App

We have simple Android developers who can take care of even simple Android mobile application development. We love making simple apps and keeping things simple.

Mobile commerce apps

Average Complex App

Need a developer who can handle mobile application development that is large scale and has tons of functionality. We can surely help you and love working on it.

Mobile game apps

Complex Apps

Our team of Android nerds can work on the most complex Android application that you can imagine. We excel in developing complex mobile applications that are simple to use and manage.

Working with us you will feel like it's your own team of the best android app developers in India at that too at a very reasonable cost.

This is the perfect time to act.
What are you waiting for?

Best Android App Developers in India for Android app development for your project needs.

We have worked with almost all types of business and this has helped us develop the unique skills of understanding the nature of your business and its requirements. This means that we can think and work in our way.

Android App Developers for Business

Android App for Business

The objective of a business is to increase profit, reduce cost, or improve the productivie of their business. We build Android solutions based on business.

App Development for Individual

App Development for Individual

The method and type of Android app for an individual are different based on the objective of an individual needs and requirements, such apps are simple and is for specific type of users.

MVP Android app development india

App Development for MVP

Our Android MVP app developers in India understand the need for MVP business pretty well and understand the circumstances they work under. This makes us a preferred mvp app developer in india.

App Development For Government

App Development For Government

Generally, the objective of the government is the welfare of a large number of users, and based on that we provide solutions to government organizations and help them create a better future or improve the life of common people.

App Development For Interest Groups


Interest or hobby-based apps are unique and require different levels of technical knowledge. We have been helping many users to help develop their dream apps based on their interests and hobbies.

Android app developers for NGO

Android app for NGO

We help and support NGOs and work with them very closely to provide solutions by providing the best technology solution in a given constraint. NGOs prefer us for the way with think of solution for their problems.

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs)

I know you might be eager to know more and have tons of questions in your mind. I am not a mind reader but yes I can understand your curiosity and have prepared commonly asked questions for Android app development in India. I hope you enjoy reading the questions as much as I enjoyed answering the questions.

Q1. How much it will cost to build an Android app in India?

There are many factors affecting the cost of building an Android mobile app in India such as the type of application, the number of screens, the complexity of the app, the nature of the business, and many more.

Q2. How much does it cost to hire an app developer in India?

The cost of hiring an Android app developer in India is based on experience level and cities. The average range per hour is $15 to $50 and if you are hiring a dedicated Android app developer in India it will roughly cost $1500 to $5000 per month.

Q3. Which company is best for app development in India?

Based on your requirements and service App Developers India is the best company for Android app development in India.

Q4. How can I find an app developer in India?

Finding Android app developers in India is very simple, just contact us and we will help you get the best developer.

Q5. Do you sign NDA?

Yes, we do sign an NDA for your Android mobile app making sure that your ideas don't go to your competitors by any means.

Q6. Will you upload my Android to the Google Play Store?

Yes, we will upload your mobile application to the Google Play Store and adhere to all the policy policies and terms and conditions of the google Play Store.

Q7. What is the cost of Google Playstore

The cost of google Play Store is $25 for a Lifetime and you can upload multiple applications in a single account.

Q8. Will I own the code?

Yes, all the assets such as wireframes, designs, code, and database will be owned by you.

Q9. Will there be other apps too in my Google Play Store account ?

No, your Google Play Store account will only have your Android apps.

We to code. It's our passion

We are passionate about what we do and love to keep ourselves posted with new technologies stacks. Here are a few technologies that keep us hooked:

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