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Please describe your company and your position there.

I am positioned as a Founder and CEO at DigiQB Solutions. I am also an IT Sales Trainer & Consultant with How To Sale It. I also have the expertise as a Business Development Coach. Digi QB Solutions is a professional digital agency that helps businesses to have good digital experiences. We, at DigiQB Solutions, offer expert web development, mobile app development, and creative designing services to businesses who aim to grow in the digital atmosphere.

For What Projects/Services Did Your Company Hire Developers App India, And What Were Your Goals?

We hired Developer’s App India for building our Gym App which is named Gym Trainer. We hired them because of their work ethics and client servicing. Our main aim was to provide an easily accessible platform for all the fitness freaks with which they can plan their workout routines according to their fitness goals. Also, our gym app acts as a cheat sheet for the gym trainers, such that they can plan workouts with more expertise.

How Did You Select Developers App India And What Were The Deciding Factors?

We were searching for an app development company that was time-efficient and client- friendly. Developers App India turned out to be the perfect match when we came across them online. Their project management skills, client-friendly nature, technical expertise, and work ethics were some very dominant deciding factors for hiring them.

Describe The Scope Of Work In Detail, Including The Project Steps, Key Deliverables, And Technology Used.

We, along with Developers App India worked as a professional company and proceeded according to the pre-determined and full-proof plan only. Once, we created a blueprint after days of discussions and online meetings, we began working day and night to achieve the targets that we had set. The technical team focused on the technical requirements and designed a professional and technical approach to move ahead with the app development. Developers App India has got all the tools and technology that go into a perfect mobile application.

How Many People From The Vendor’s Team Worked With You, And What Were Their Positions?

Developers App India did their best to assist us in developing this easily accessible and user- friendly mobile application. Initially, we were introduced to the project manager that they assigned solely for our project and developed a blueprint. Also, four other members of the technical team worked with us and helped us to fulfill all the technical requirements. Without these people, the development of this application would have been impossible.

Can You Share Any Measurable Outcomes Of The Project Or General Feedback About The Deliverables?

We had planned the development of this gym application a long time ago and were looking for an opportunity to execute the same. Thankfully, we got in touch with Developers App India which helped us fulfill our long-time goal in such a professional and hassle-free manner. The mobile application has made a very positive impact on our company in the market. Now, our position has certainly improved and our scope of growth has also widened due to the success of this long-awaited project.

Describe Their Project Management Management Style, Including Communication Tools And Timelines.

The project management style that Developers App India employs is flawless and without the same, the development of this application would have been delayed for sure. The company worked with high-standard professionalism and achieved all the targets on time. The company has used high-end communication tools with us such that all our demands are perfectly fulfilled by them. All the timelines were duly followed and we received no last-minute delays during the entire work.

What Did You Find Impressive Or Unique About This Company?

There were many positives to be pointed out about Developers App India but if we try to point out the most dominant positive about them, it is surely their professionalism and client servicing. We couldn’t be more satisfied after the company completed our project with a great display of professionalism and work ethics. Also, the way their project manager handled us and worked with us closely was rare nowadays. However, if we consider the most unique aspect of their service, it is surely their timeliness.

How Was The Quality of Developers App India’s Work? Explain Your Rating.

The quality of work displayed by Developers App India is simply very high. The way they fulfilled all our development goals is simply rare and impeccable. Our whole team is very much satisfied with the value they provided us with their services.

How Was Scheduling With Developers App India? Explain Your Rating.

It was very nice when we got to notice the seriousness of the members of Developers App India for this project. Scheduling was probably the most effortless thing that went with Developers App India.

How Was The Cost Of Developers App India’s Work? Explain Your Rating.

The added value that we received against the cost of their services has left us thankful. Their services are valuable and there are no hidden costs involved.

How Likely Are You To Refer Developers App India To A Friend? Explain Your Rating.

The customer delight that this company has to offer is extremely rare and this has left us no choice but to recommend Mobile App Development Company to anyone that needs app development services.

Give Developers App India An Overall Rating. Explain Your Rating.

I rate this company on the higher side because of the effortless development that they do. Their technical team says no to any demand of the client as they know the solution to every problem. Also, the way they handle their clients is something unique.

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