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How Mobile Apps are helping in fitness in 2023

1. Electromaps: Charging stations

Electromaps: Charging stations

2. Plugsurfing — charge anywhere

Plugsurfing — charge anywhere

3. Elton - The EV charging app

Elton - The EV charging app

4. EEVEE - Track charging costs

EEVEE - Track charging costs

5. FLO EV Charging

FLO EV Charging

6. Easy Charging Quality

Easy Charging Quality

7. Fortum Charge & Drive Norway

Fortum Charge & Drive Norway

8. NEXTCHARGE - Charging Stations

NEXTCHARGE - Charging Stations

9. Autel Charge - EV Charging

Autel Charge - EV Charging

10. Z EV Charging

Z EV Charging


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