iBeacon Apps: Best iOS launchpad for startups and Enterprises

Apple’s iBeacon app leverages the power of low energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology. The app instantly connects with a Bluetooth device and receives the data from it when placed in the proximity.

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iBeacon has been extensively deployed in companies which thrive on futuristic methodologies to explore locations. Effective communication between the app and a nearby device plays a vital role in enhancing businesses.

With proper deployment, a local store, for example, can send out a notification about latest offers from the iBeacon app to a nearby smartphone/smart device, who may turn out to be the next loyal customer. This location-sensing application can effectively be utilized by companies in many ways from monitoring the attendance of employees to keeping a proper record of check-in and checkouts at hotels/ restaurants to local businesses sending out coupons to shoppers nearby.

iBeacon mobile apps make the best use of IoT or the internet of things, where devices communicate with each other via the internet. If your startup is looking at a modernized solution to reform your location services, iBeacon is the answer to it all.

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Our iBeacon App Developers in India has the best team who have explicit knowledge of what works best for your business. We help your company stay ahead in the age of cut-throat competition using the best of Bluetooth low energy (BLE)

Here’s how:

  • Scintillating iBeacon App Design

    Well equipped with the latest design tools, our iBeacon development team always creates fresh and unique designs for every client. The designs are especially focussed to grab the attention of the right audience.

  • Customized iBeacon Apps

    iBeacon apps are deployed by every business for various reasons. Nonetheless, our team goes through hours of brainstorming sessions to add exclusive features to give your app the unique identity.

  • Quality product in Budget

    We assure no compromise on the quality of the product we deliver, even when there is budget constraints. Our insightful strategists ideate the best plan that optimally serves the client’s purpose in the most cost-effective manner.

  • Free consultation

    We have a support team that is available 24/7 and works in conjunction with the development team to solve our client’s queries at any time of the day. Our company works relentlessly to get in touch with the companies who drop in their ideas, asap.

Developers App: A Brand Synonymous to Perfection

Our iBeacon mobile application development team is one of the best in the industry. With over 10 years of experience in building compelling and engaging iOS and Android apps, our team is adept in developing iBeacon mobile apps.

The mobile app development company in India team is well versed in the nuances of BLE, which is the foundation of the iBeacon app. We use state-of-the-art techniques to build mobile apps that meet the global standards of quality

Our services have catered to the needs of numerous businesses from different industries. With our top-notch quality products and dedicated support team, we have built a community of happy and satisfied customers.

Give us the chance to do wonders for your brand and we assure you, that you will never be disappointed.

Explore our iBeacon Expertise

We unleash the power of BLE to produce the best iBeacon mobile application with high responsiveness and accurate location proximity.

Have a look at some of our expertise:

iBeacon enterprise applications

We pack ideas into an effective iBeacon mobile application that suits enterprises in the most productive way. Our team helps small enterprises and startups deploy iBeacon apps to fuel their business.

iBeacon for asset tracking

Unlock the power of iBeacon in tracking down your company’s assets with our super reliable and secure iBeacon mobile apps.

iBeacon Smart health care solution

IoT has reformed the way health care works and we leverage on that. With our efficient BLE techniques, our iBeacon apps are tailor-made to meet the new smart health care needs.

iBeacon Proximity-based marketing

The iBeacon app from our developers is sure to increase your business, using the latest proximity marketing solutions. Send out push notifications about coupons/offers to customers even before they enter your store through the iBeacon mobile app

iBeacon based Positioning app

iBeacon and BLE work together to become the best position tracking system for any business. Our expert panel crafts out the best indoor and outdoor navigation app according to your requirements.

Support and Upgrades

We have a dedicated iBeacon support team that is responsive at any time of the day. They are well trained about the new technology and can help you with any queries and update you about the new upgrades to your software.

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