Young Indians love cars and keep it changing as new models come into the market. This Friend trend has created a new marketplace for buying and selling old cars.

The Indian auto market is growing very fast and in the same place, the peace market for secondhand cars is also growing. This has triggered the concept of selling cars online and has transformed the way customers buy vehicles.

Online car selling apps in india

Nowadays, online car-selling mobile applications as simplified the process of buying a car cars in India. They provide a better way of transparency and convenience to customers and also a lot of variable valuations to the customers.

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Online car-selling applications in India provide many features and benefits in their applications. Apart from buying and selling, they provide features such as insurance, services, car, maintenance, and many other services.

We have compiled the top 10 online class applications in India that are very popular in the automotive industry.

1. CarsWale

Carwale application is a highly rated car app in India for New and used cars. They have downloads of 5,000,000+ downloads and a user rating of 4.6. The car was in application. Use mobile features such as location, approximate location, and precision location.

They collect personal information information such as name, email address, user ID user address, phone number, and other information for advertising and marketing purposes. The security in Karwa is encrypted in transit which means your data is transferred over a secure connection and also you can request the data to be deleted from the application.

In the application, they provide a seven-day money-back guarantee, zero accidents, no temper, and a smart comprehensive warranty.

Using the application you can also check your EMI by using the EMI calculator provided inside the application. You can also avail of offers such as doorstep, demo discounts, lowest EMI, and exchange benefits in terms of price quotations you can get X showroom, price, registration, cost, insurance, and other charges in the price break up.

You can also have a 360° view of the interior and exterior using the application. You can select the car and compare it and decide the bus car you want to go for.

You can also have 360° view of interior and exterior using application. You can select the car and compare it and decide the bus car you want to go for.

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2. CarDekho

Car Dekho provides a facility to buy new and used cars in their mobile application. The mobile application is owned by Ghana Software Private Limited and has 10,000,000+ of downloads with a rating of 4.6 stars.

Car Dekho belongs to auto and vehicle categories and in terms of data safety The used. They use approximate location Services for advertising and marketing. Purpose. Collect personal information such as name, email address, physical address, and phone number for F functionality and advertising and marketing purposes.

The collect information collects financial information on user payment and purchase history. In terms of activity, and data collection, the collect have interactions for analytics and advertising purposes. In search history for more personalization of the application and also collect Grass logs to improve the performance of their mobile application.

The data is encrypted in transit and your data is transferred over a secure connection, and you can request deletion of your account at any time from the application itself.

They consider themself as a stop solution for all your car needs. The application provides features and functionality such as comparing cars, expert reviews, 360° view, and giving the best offers and discounts.

In the application, you also get features of real-time car view, and you can set alerts and know about your trip history. You can do more than just check with the help of remotely immobilizing, your car repair, your car on roads, and track car moves and stops.

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3. Maruti Suzuki True Value

Maruti Suzuki true value online selling car application is a marketplace to buy and sell used cars in India. They have downloads of 1,000,000+ with a user rating of 2.4 stars.

In terms of data safety, no data is shared with third parties and they collect data such as location, approximate location, and precise location. Personal information such as name, email, physical address, and phone number of the users. They collect photos and videos for app functionality.

In the application you can compare before you buy you can do the comparison of variables such as name, price, city owner, Colour transmission kilometer drive of the car, and many more.

EMI calculator in the mobile application can help you to calculate your car loan EMI based on the loan amount, tenure, and the existing rate of interest.

You can buy or sell cars based on filters, such as model range budget etc.

You can get quality preowned cars and have the option to choose from a wide range of certified cars that are evaluated using 376 quality checkpoints.

The application is simple to use which is finding Services at one place in one place. In one place you can find services such as sell, compare, EMI, calculator, true value, advantage, scan, QR code, feedback, customer, inquiry, FAQ, and privacy policy.

The application also has customized options where you can specify preferences and make your filters. The application uses filters such as:

  • show true value
  • certified cars
  • remove cars
  • range
  • budget
  • body type
  • brand type
  • car owner
  • kilometer run
  • fuel type
  • Colour
  • transmission
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4. Spinny

Spinny is an online car application for buying and selling used cars with 1,000,000+ downloads and a star rating of 4.1

They provide complete solutions for buying and selling used cars using mobile applications. They provide certified used cars and many more options to choose from. The mobile app was last updated on 19th November 2023.

In terms of data safety, they collect personal information such as name, address, and phone number, they track financial purchase history

Using the Spinny app, you can buy sell, or upgrade your car and can choose from 5000+ short cars. In the application, you can find a list of all the cars and compare them. The application also has filters and sorting options to make your search very easy.

Using the Penny app, you can request a test drive and the car is delivered to your home for a test drive. You can select the date and time when you want to book the test drive.

You can sell your car using the Spinny app for the best price and get paid as an instant online offer. They assure the best price, instant online, offer, free doorstep, evaluation, and same-day payment.

Getting a quotation is very easy and simple just to fill in the required. Details such as location, year of purchase, brand type, model, type, kilo, Dr et cetera to get the price.

The application also provides a feature of buyback to provide you with a future resale and upgrade value.

The mobile application has an exclusive section of luxury where you can view the car in three 360° visuals.

5. Cars24

Cars24 is one of the popular mobile applications for buying and selling used cars. It has 10,000,000+ downloads with a user rating of 4.3 stars.

Cars24 mobile application is one of the leading Mobile apps for used cars with an option of financing in the application itself.

Repetition was last updated on 22 November 2023 when the category was in the auto vehicle sections On the Google Play Store.

The application's focus area is in selling, buying, and financing. They have over six lakh Happy customers who provide offers such as a year warranty, seven-day returns, Finance it your way, 140 quality checks, and many more.

They allow you to take a test drive before buying the car. They have flexible loan options that can be available close with the lowest EMI and zero down payment. Also, check various EMI offers in the application.

The cars are refurbished by experts and are done by MRL-certified experts. They do quality checks, condition of the car, performance of the car, accidental damage, and exterior of the car.

Calculation of the price is done with the help of various factors such as the

  • current market price
  • Kilometers driven
  • ownership
  • documents
  • condition of the car.

6. OLX: Buy & Sell Near You

Olx mobile application is a platform where you can buy and sell it near you. It has a major section on my hands Cards. The commission has a hundred million plus downloads with a rating of 4.2 stars.

The application uses data sharing and uses your contacts for analytics, development, development communication, fraud, prevention, security and compliance, personalization, and account management.

The application collects your data such as precise, location and data such as name, email address, user ID, and phone number for function. They even collect your purchase seat to personalize your account.

The application uses messages, photos and videos, audio, contacts, activity, info and performance, and your device ID to provide a better user experience.

Using the application you can upload images of your car, the price point that you want to sell on, the make and model of the car, and kilometers driven of your car. Users can check your car and can chat with you to buy your car.

7. Droom: Buy Used Cars & Bikes

Droom Mobile application use class has 5,000,000+ downloads and a user of 2.8 stars. It has 300,000+ auto dealers and has the largest collection of vehicles in the mobile abilities.

We have a feature for checking Maitri. History where you can enter the vehicle registration number to get the history of the vehicle. You can also see the sample report of history report.

They offer AI Travel inspection. You can book your vehicle instruction at your doorstep with Droom eco insect.

The application also provides you easy Insurance with the feature of applying any time anywhere, a Hazel-free process, extremely convenient, and zero paper.

Helps you to find the right buyer Baya by matting you with the right to find a Requirement match file. We can submit the Requirement get the best match and buy and take the delivery of the vehicle.

Droom also provides you delivery at your door with my delivery service, contactless delivery experience, transfer of ownership, and help with RTO and documentation.

Sr No. Image Name Publisher Rating Reviews Downloads
1 CarWale: Buy-Sell New/Used Car CarWale: Buy-Sell New/Used Car CarTrade Tech Limited 4.6 197K 5M+
2 Cardekho: Buy New & Used Cars Cardekho: Buy New & Used Cars Girnar Software Pvt. Ltd. 4.6 209K 10M+
3 Maruti Suzuki True Value Maruti Suzuki True Value Maruti Suzuki India Limited 2.4 7.58K 1M+
4 Spinny - Buy & Sell Used Cars Spinny - Buy & Sell Used Cars Valuedrive Technologies 4.1 28.6K 1M+
5 CARS24®: Buy & Sell Used Cars CARS24®: Buy & Sell Used Cars CARS24 Services Private Limited 4.4 192K 10M+
6 OLX: Buy & Sell Near You OLX: Buy & Sell Near You Sobek Auto India Private Limited 4.2 2.85M 100M+
7 Droom: Buy Used Cars & Bikes Droom: Buy Used Cars & Bikes Droom Pte. Ltd. 2.8 49.4K 5M+

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Note: Details are taken from the Google Play Store as of 29th Nov 2023. We have not developed or associated in any way with the above-given mobile apps.

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