Agritech, often referred to as agricultural technology, is an approach of applying technology in the agricultural sector to assist farmers and enhance farming practices.

The fusion of cutting-edge technology with agriculture aims to improve efficiency, sustainability, and productivity throughout the entire food supply chain.

Australia is a country with a dynamic agricultural landscape and a high adoption rate towards technological innovations to improve efficiency in the farming sector. Our app developers Australia are aiding the farming sector by providing cutting-edge mobile applications that bridge the gap between technology and farmers.

Top 10 Agri Tech Apps in Australia December 2023

App Developers India assist in building Agritech apps that cater to the specific needs of the farming sector based on locations and various environmental factors.

Agritech applications are helping Australian farmers adopt the latest farming technologies and leverage technology to address challenges in the agricultural sector.

Some benefits of Agritech mobile applications include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Global food security

1. AgriWebb

AgriWebb is owned and managed by AgriWebb Pty Ltd and helps you to unlock your farms full potential using Mobile technologies. With the help of a AgriWebb mobile application, you can save time and record all your farm records on your fingertips. It is highly user-friendly and provides functionality of dragon drop to make usage of the mobile application. Very simple .

You can have data of your livestock adjust your fingertips. You can have overview of all of your cat dog from the dashboard and you can check the details very easy.

With the help of maps, you can have view offer live stocks using simple Google maps. You can track all of your data in real time and manage task very easily.

You can add new task, give priority to the task and also mention due date along with the padlock location. You can easily assign the task to other users with a quick notes.


2. Farmdok

In the list of top agri-tech mobile applications, Farmdok stands out as second on the list. Farmdok is a highly efficient and smart farm management system that works on smartphones and tablets. The main feature of the mobile application is crop monitoring using satellite data through Google Earth. You can track all your activities using GPS-based activity trackers and record all your activities during work. Additionally, you can take pictures and notes of your crops.

The application has over a hundred thousand downloads and was last updated on October 16, 2023. The app developers have utilized recent technologies such as Google Earth and GPS activity tracking to build the application.

Farmdok is a complete farm management software integrated with a web admin panel using secure APIs to pass data from the mobile application to the database.

In the field management section, you can have multiple forms based on the size of the farm.

The mobile application also features a smart dashboard with a visual representation of data using different types of graphical elements.

In the application's documentation, you can plan and record fieldwork. You can review all activities and recorded data in detail at your convenience.

The precision farming section is highly useful and provides data on biomass and vegetation. From satellite pictures, you can obtain details of bio and vegetation on your farm.


3. AgriApp - Smart Farming App

AgriApp - Smart Farming App

4. Farmable: Farm Management App

Farmable: Farm Management App

5. Planti: Plant Care

Planti: Plant Care

6. Agri Setu - Agriculture App

Agri Setu - Agriculture App

7. Outgrow: Farming Solutions App

The Outgrow mobile application is a farming solutions app available in six languages. It assists farmers at every stage of the crop life cycle, aiming to improve crop productivity. The Outgrow team has a physical presence and aids farmers in measuring soil health, moisture levels, and climate conditions, thereby reducing the risk for farmers.

The application comprises essential sections such as soil testing, farm health monitoring, smart irrigation planning, proper protection, information, disease detection, and a marketplace.

Through the smart irrigation plan, farmers can strategically manage water usage to reduce costs and enhance yields.

Farmers can prevent plant diseases by capturing and uploading images of affected plant parts, receiving corresponding corrective measures. Control measures include chemical, biological, and cultural options.

The disease reduction tool allows farmers to monitor various parameters, receive alerts for disease prediction, and identify crop deficiencies.

Farmers can optimize pesticide usage based on environmental factors, with the application providing suggestions for optimal application times.

The application offers free call and chat support provided by skilled and professional advisers in their respective fields.

Utilizing the soil testing model, farmers gain a better understanding of soil composition and receive recommendations for necessary nutrition, thereby improving soil quality and crop yields.

The Weather model provides farmers with early updates and timely alerts about weather conditions, enabling effective planning and decision-making.

Outgrow: Farming Solutions App

8. AgriShare




10. BigHaat Smart Farming App

BigHaat Smart Farming App


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