App Developers in india can help you. JavaScript is the best probable option as a technology stack for any web app as it is affordable and React is one of the most chosen ones among the developers for its cost-effective framework’s core functionality, which boosts the performance of the app. However, the cost estimations depend upon the business requirements.

When you hire a ReactJS developer in India, the salary that you have to pay them would affect the overall cost for the web app development in ReactJS. The table below will show you the average cost for web app development in ReactJS as per the global market.

cost of RN js

To create an application to grow a business one can choose anyone from Native app development, Hybrid app development, and Web application development

  • In the case of Native app development, a native app needs to be developed for each platform but the cost will be comparatively higher.

  • For Hybrid app development, the cost will not be as high as the native app but the performance will not be as excellent as others.

  • On the other hand, web application development can run on any device which will keep going with the development of devices with the internet. 80% of the projects nowadays are based on web applications including online marketplaces, complex e-commerce apps, logistics management, and many more.

For detailed information below mentioned table can be followed

Web App Development Costs
Web App Costs (In Dollar)
Native App for iOS & Android 80K-250K
Hybrid App for iOS & Android 25K-120K
Web App for All Platforms 20K-100K

The cost of developing web apps is calculated based on an hourly rate. But the figure does not include the service charge for maintenance and updates required for the app. For a primary idea of the required time, the mentioned table can be followed, however, the breakdown depends upon the type of the app. The basic amount for React JavaScript app development may cost from $15 to $25 per hour.

Stage of Development Hours
Median Low Maximum High
Planning 17 360
Design 35.125 550
Features 47 870
Infrastructure 75.5 1650
App Administration/td> 43 1080
Testing 30 300
Deployment 5.125 40

Factors Determining The cost estimation for App Development:

1) Architecture Model Deployment, Third-party App Integrations, Developing Admin Panel, in-app purchases and other Functionality and Complexity of app

2) The category of the design also matters, apps with a better user experience keeps users engaged with the app

3)The app development team whether in-house or outsourced creates an impact on the cost calculation. In the case of React Native App Development, one can choose from any engaging model on an hourly basis, full-time or part-time.

4) Annual App maintenance is important to run the app smoothly and fix the bugs, it also creates an impact on the cost estimation

Apart from these app development processes, extra app add-ons, location of the development team and many other factors are there which helps to determine the cost. Now let’s find out the minimum & maximum amount one might need the spend to develop a website.

Development Stage Approximate Cost Ranges from Minimum to Maximum (In Dollar)
Planning 3000-10000
Design 5000-25000
Features 7000-32000
Infrastructure 12000-59000
App Administration 7000-21000
Testing 6000-23000
Deployment 2000-3000

Reasons to Choose React Web Development.


Cost of Hiring ReactJS Developers in Different Cities in India

Hire ReactJS Developers in India | Hire React Native Developer in India - Know the city-wise salary per annum

Cities in India Average Annual Rate (in INR/Lakhs per Annum)
Mumbai INR 5.0 LPA
Bangalore INR 5.1 LPA
Kolkata INR 2.2 LPA
Ahmedabad INR. 2.3 LPA - INR 7.0 LPA
Kochi INR 5.0 LPA
Kanpur INR 2.4 LPA- INR 8.2 LPA
Coimbatore INR 3.0 LPA
Nagpur INR 3.6 LPA- INR 4.6 LPA
Indore INR 4.9 LPA
Noida INR 5.0 LPA

From the above table, it is stated that the average starting salary for a ReactJS developer is around Rs. 1.9 LPA in India. So it may cost around 15.8k to hire a ReactJS developer in India on a monthly basis. While the highest salary of a ReactJS developer in India is around Rs. 11.8 LPA, which as a result means may cost around 98.3k per month.

However,ReactJS Developer salary in India may be different based on different locations as shown in the above table. The number of job opportunities and the annual ReactJS Developer salary in India are the highest in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kochi, and Noida. However, in Kanpur and Ahmedabad, it would be more likely higher based on their experience.

The cost of Hiring ReactJs developers in India based on expertise

Type of ReactJS Developer Average Hourly Rate
Basic Front End INR 1,350- 4,500
Intermediate to Advanced Front End INR 3,150- 9,000
Basic Back End INR 1,350- 4,500
Intermediate to Advanced Back End INR 3,150- 9,000
Full Stack Developer INR 2,700- 9,000

Based on the above data, you can easily gauge how much it costs to hire a ReactJS/ React Native developer in India the basis of expertise. As ReactJS Developers' expertise plays a major role, the fixed prices of different developers may vary depending upon the duration of the work that needs to be done.

Hire ReactJS Developer in India based on their experience level

The cost of hiring ReactJS Developers based on their experience level

Years of experience Cost of hiring
1 year INR 229k
1-4 years INR 304k
5-9 years INR 1,350- 4,500

From the above table, it can be stated that an entry-level ReactJS developer, with less than a year of experience, can make around INR 400,000 per year. Whereas, an early level ReactJS developer with experience of 1 to 4 years can make around INR 540,000 per year.

On the other hand, with experience of 5 to 6 years, a mid-level web developer can make INR 1,300,000 per annum. While a senior-level ReactJS developer can make around more than INR 1,700,000 per year in India. However, when you hire a ReactJS (or React Native) developer in India, the cost may vary and eventually grow based on the level of skills and experience.

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