Doctors appointment booking mobile app


Making an appointment with the doctor using a mobile phone has become a must. Gone are the days when you have to call and wait for the operator to receive your call to book your appointment with your family doctor.

A few years back creating a mobile app for appointment book was costly but nowadays it's has become very affordable and comes with great quality.

User Journey for doctors appointment booking mobile app

The app is to provide help to patients, so make the process of appointment books smooth without any hassles. With experience and expertise, App Developers India can help you make user journeys smooth like butter.

  • The patient can download the app using the website or play store
  • Register with Name, Email, and Password
  • Login using Email and password or OTP
  • Select date and time using a calendar
  • Confirm appointment booking
  • View all current and previous appointments
  • View accepted, completed, pending, and canceled appointments

Admin Dashbord

The doctor or his secretary can manage appointments using the admin panel

  • Manage Appointments
  • Admin should be able to accept or reject
  • Manage the date and time of doctor's availability

Must-have features for appointment booking app

Great features add great values.

  • Notifications
  • Appointments accepted or rejected
  • If the rejected reason of rejection
  • The doctor went for an emergency on a working day
  • Tips and news
  • Offers sections
  • Medical history of patients
  • Prescribed medicines by the doctors
  • Name and details of doctors
  • An emergency section providing the details on how to contact the hospital or doctor in case of emergency

The cost of developing a doctors appointment booking mobile app is far less then what you think

Doctor appointment booking mobile app is in high demand and have become common in the Hospital industry and one of the best in Healthcare App Development India

Developers App India has been working for 7+ years and With the evolvement of technology, the cost of mobile apps for appointment booking has gone very done. The base cost has gone drastically down. Your investment is determined by the features you need over and above the base mobile app.

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