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Top 10 Taxi Booking app in singapore December 2023

Trending features and services in Taxi Booking apps in Singapore

App Developers India have curated a list of the latest trending features in the booking industry in Singapore. Developers in Singapore are taking full advantage of the latest trending features and integrating them into taxi mobile apps to provide more facilities and features to transporters.

Mobile App Development Company are not limiting taxi bookings to just taxis but are expanding to include other modes of transportation such as taxis, buses, trains, and other means of transportation, providing immense value to the users.

  • Multiple modes of transportation

    Nowadays, developers are integrating public transport details and allowing users to plan their journeys more easily, saving money on their travels.

  • Micro-mobility

    Taxi booking applications are partnering with other companies in similar businesses, such as bike-sharing and e-scooter companies, to provide a wider range of options to users.

  • Sharing options

    With the help of carpooling features, taxi booking mobile applications allow users to share rides and save money. This is gaining popularity in Singapore, especially for short-distance rides.

  • Electric vehicle integration

    Taxi booking applications are promoting eco-friendly transportation choices, helping the environment and reducing pollution levels. Many applications have started offering a carbon footprint tracking system to show users' contributions to reducing carbon footprints in the environment.

  • More features

    Nowadays, app developer singapore are providing more features such as advanced booking options, multiple payment options, EMI payment options, reward programs, and loyalty programs.

  • Additional features

    We have seen many applications and developers thinking outside the box and adding more services such as wheelchair accessibility, assistance for senior passengers, and providing food and drinks to passengers.

  • Safety and security

    Safety and security are the topmost features in all applications, and taxi booking apps prioritize the privacy, safety, and security of their passengers. They provide real-time tracking, emergency features, and driver verification and rating systems to ensure passengers experience high security while using the booking application.

  • Subscription plans

    Many taxi booking applications in Singapore are offering subscription plans for frequent users of their services, providing significant discounts on the subscription plan. Users can save a lot of money with the help of a subscription plan.

1. Grab - Taxi & Food Delivery

Grab - Taxi & Food Delivery

2. RYDE - Ride Hailing & More

RYDE - Ride Hailing & More

3. Gojek


4. TADA - Taxi, Cab, Ride Hailing

TADA - Taxi, Cab, Ride Hailing

5. MooveGo




7. Curb - Request & Pay for Taxis

Curb - Request & Pay for Taxis

8. Easy Taxi, a Cabify app

Easy Taxi, a Cabify app

9. ComfortDelGro SWAN TAXIS App

ComfortDelGro SWAN TAXIS App

10. Cabify



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