1. E-Legion:

Renowned Russian mobile app development firm E-Legion specializes in creating a wide range of apps, including handyman and on-demand service apps.

2. VironIT

VironIT is renowned for its skill in creating unique software, web solutions, and mobile applications. They've developed on-demand service apps for a range of businesses.

3. Purrweb:

Purrweb is an expert in developing mobile apps and UI/UX design. They have expertise developing handyman apps with intuitive UI that are both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

4. Napoleon IT:

Napoleon IT is a software development firm that specializes in developing online solutions, mobile apps, and IT consulting. They have expertise creating on-demand service applications for many industries.

5. Oxagile:

Oxagile is renowned for its proficiency in developing customized software, encompassing mobile applications. They've developed on-demand service apps with cutting-edge features and capabilities before.

6. Globus Ltd:

Software development services for mobile app development are provided by Globus Ltd. They've developed on-demand service apps that are customized to meet the needs of customers.

7. Redmadrobot:

Redmadrobot is a mobile application development company that focuses on making unique apps for businesses and startups. They have prior expertise creating user-centered on-demand service applications.

8. JetRuby Agency

Complete mobile app development services are provided by JetRuby Agency, which also provides solutions for on-demand service apps such as handyman services. Delivering scalable and superior applications is their main goal.

9. MLSDev:

Software development firm MLSDev offers services for developing mobile apps for a range of businesses. Their expertise lies in creating on-demand service applications that prioritize technological innovation.

10. Extyl-PRO:

Extyl-PRO is a mobile application development firm that specializes in making unique apps for many platforms. They possess expertise in creating user-centric on-demand service applications.

These businesses are well-known for their proficiency in producing creative and superior applications, and they are some of the leading names in Russia's mobile app development market. Before choosing a company, it's critical to look into their technical capabilities, client testimonials, and portfolio.

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