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Chat With Your Live Website Visitors and customers On Your Visitors Mobile App

Visitors' app is beneficial for those who meet visitors daily. This could be for any hospital, clinic, hotel, restaurant, or any organization. You might also have a website where you are getting new visitors daily. That’s possible when you are giving them new solutions or packages quite often. That’s a prime example of any salon, parlour, or spa.

Nevertheless, you can chat with your visitors on the visitors' mobile app pretty quickly. However, you must know what problems such an app aims to solve for you and your visitors. App Developers India can help.

Solutions by visitors management mobile app

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To fix the appointment

Visitors on your website might be looking for their next meeting. Don’t disappoint them. Have the mobile app development company in India and let them know they can reach you anytime. It makes the entire process of booking an appointment as per their time pretty smooth.

To know when the assigned person is available

Visitors might want to know when their assigned person would be next available. It could be patients asking for the doctor or a psychologist or any customers asking for their personal hairstylist or make-up artist in the parlour that owns that visitors' mobile app.

In short, it gives a sense of clarity to those who are waiting for anyone working at your firm or organisation.

To get strong follow-ups

This goes both ways. Your new and existing website visitors can reach you. If they have signed up an account, you can also ping them. This is just to get the follow-ups done on time. This is necessary so that no party is late on the day of consultation or meeting. After all, everyone’s time is valuable. Thus, strong follow-ups through the visitors' mobile apps ensure that.

For smooth conversation regarding the finale of a deal

If already signed up for an account, visitors can know about the latest updates on their contracts or deals. This is more beneficial for the candidates whose job interview results are pending.

Moreover, the visitors can get a live update on their chat boxes after the meeting with a doctor. This update would allow them to know about their latest reports or any other contact update with the assigned person.

To discover any changes in the scheduled meeting

It’s a prevalent problem. Not every planned meeting is always successful. Sometimes, either or neither party is free to show up. In such a case, it’s better to know if there are any changes in the events or the meeting's timings.

Your website visitors can simply chat with you online on the visitors' mobile app. If you are holding an open event night at your club or restaurant, those online visitors can know if the show is really happening or not.

That’s just one of the most relatable examples these days.

To clarify the documents needed in the upcoming meeting

Visitors like students, patrons, customers, etc. can know if they need a particular document when they are showing up on the event or meeting. Supposedly, students would need an admit card and ID for their exam at the examination centre.

Similarly, patrons would need their ID and proof of being an adult at a party where hard drinks are available. As far as interviewees go by, they would like to know from the backend team about the latest documents they need on the day of their interview.

Moreover, it’s always best to do a last-minute check with the live chat support if it’s available before leaving the house for the meeting or event.

To verify the guest list on the arrival

Patrons often book their tables at high-class restaurants. Their checklist is made, especially when there is a grandeur party going on. The visitors' mobile apps help the servants and receptionists to know whether the mentioned guests on the list have arrived or not.

Similarly, when a company is waiting for a board of members or chief guests at a highly corporate event, the visitors' lists in the mobile app is always useful. This helps in verifying whether the guests are all waiting for us here.

To support the visitor’s query on live chat

There is no end to any visitor’s question. A live chat on the visitors' mobile app will help them in one way or another. They would be less confused and more informed.

You, the backend team, ensure that there is no misunderstanding amongst the different website visitors. That’s especially when we are arriving at the office or venue on the desired day.

This works superbly when you have global website visitors. If you are offering them global digital solutions, your chat support must always be live. This way, visitors from any country or state can talk to you whenever there’s an issue with the solutions they bought or rented from you or your team.

Designing process of the visitors mobile apps

Mobile App Designing process

You cannot blindly go to a developer and tell them to make a visitor management app for you. You need to be practical. After all, you would be investing your time and hard-earned money in it.

Having an idea here means that you must know why you need such an app. For that, you can check the solutions it caters to from the first section of this blog. If those are the types of solutions you want to give to your customers, it’s then a sound choice to get visitors' mobile app made.

Also, have a general idea about its design, look, feel appearance, and buttons you want in the app. If you are not sure, research about such apps online by yourself before approaching any developers. It’s for your good.

Next, have an idea about the budget and timeline. Developers can get your app made very quickly. But they would take a specific time to make the most impactful app. Ask yourself what you need and then check the feasibility.

Check its feasibility score

For this, you need to talk to your financers, internal team, and board of members or head of the department. There should be an internal meeting to know if such an app can be developed with the given resources.

Come to a point where your sincere internal stakeholders would agree. Then research for the best developer near you.

Hire the most advanced developer’s team

Choose the developer who has made such visitors mobile apps before. You don't need to be the one teaching the developers how to code, run tests, or even design the app. It would be a rookie move. Save time and hire the advanced developer’s team without worrying about the entire project.

Get the necessary changes done

Keep in touch with the developer’s after the agreement is signed. Know each step that is being taken to develop your app.

Ask them for the necessary changes in the few drafts of the app designs. Get those changes done on time. Reach to the point when a final draft is ready for further process.

Testing of the final prototype of the app

Once a design is set in your and the developer’s mind, it is good to go for the trial runs. This means, the developer’s team would be running frequent tests on this app.

It could be related to beta testing, responsiveness score, usability, UI and UX tests, and other major and minor tests. Ultimately, developers inform you when the app has been tested for the desired number of bugs or glitches.

Inform your website visitors about the new app for a single point of contact

Start downloading the app once it goes live. Test it by yourself. Then, call all your website visitors to use the app for a single point of contact. Let them know that the live chat feature is live on your mobile app.

This way, your website visitors will be excited. They will know that you are not far from them now. They can talk to your team whenever there is an issue with the set meeting or event.

It creates massive trust between your brand and the visitors when they start using these visitors' mobile apps.

Top features for admin panel

Mobile App Admin Panel

Admin control

Admins must have a separate account on this mobile app. They must customize the features to be given to other users of the app. They must check the guest list efficiently. They must know which chat is pending and how many people are chatting live with website visitors.

Check the rating

Admins must check how much rating is being given to the customer support executives. After all, they are responsible for chatting live with the customer to solve their queries asap.

Account registration

Admin must not face any issue to make the account. This account would be the same email ID from which the original purchase often gets made for developing the features of this visitor's mobile app.

Top features of customer care executives

The robust live chat feature

Customer care executives chatting with numerous website visitors must not face any delay in response. This can otherwise impact the image of the company.

Ability to use pseudo-name

The customer care executive does not need to reveal their real name, especially when they are not in contact with customers outside the chatbox. This is for the safety of their privacy. However, each executive must be assigned a different ID to track their progress.

Account registration

The executives, too, need an account to talk to customers using live chat support in the mobile app.

Top features for website visitors

Less waiting time for getting connected with the chat executive

Visitors are often in a hurry. They hate waiting for the chat support to be online. They do not want to talk to robots. They want the real person at the back of the mobile app. Therefore, network connectivity must be robust. It should not piss off the customers.

Rating system

Visitors must have the provision to rate the executives they chat with. This way, your admin and head of departments would know which executive is behaving as he or she should. If there is any discrepancy in the rating, it will be caught by the admin asap.


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